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  • Clifford 1
  • Directed 2
  • Meta System 7
  • Pandora 13
  • Viper 1
  • Adapters - interfaces 6
  • Protection indicator 2
  • Remote controls 7
  • Sensors 6
  • Sirens 4

Alarm Parts & Accessories

Sensitive adjustable electronic vibration detection system for all Meta System alarms
40.00 €
The Meta System M05 is a waterproof self-powered rechargeable siren compatible with all Meta System alarm systems
65.00 €
The Meta System M1603 is an electronic 360° tilt - motion sensor for complete protection in case of vehicle movement
75.00 €
Micro-wave digital volumetric sensor, special compact radar for cabrio car protection even with open roof
85.00 €
The Meta System M327 is an optional remote control system for cars with one factory remote control. Only for Meta EasyCan Evo Digital alarms
90.00 €
Wireless alarm notification with the possibility of a motor stop command for the T42 system
60.00 €
The B9.1 remote control communicates encrypted with the MetaTrak telematic system, for automatic engine block and owner recognition function
35.00 €
Mini Bluetooth blocking relay 1A Pandora BT-01 is a universal dual relay with wireless Bluetooth communication for Pandora systems
42.00 €
Miniature blocking radio relay which uses highly reliable motion detection algorithms to block the engine in any attempt to start moving
79.00 €
Wireless bluetooth door sensor DSM-100 BT is a shock, rotation, tilt, motion sensor and a door opening detector
69.00 €
Pandora VS-22d is a compact size digital microwave sensor, herewith it is high-tech and energy efficient with extended dynamic range
59.00 €
Pandora RMD-5M is a relay module designed to implement automatic and remote engine starts with Pandora car alarm systems
45.00 €
Piezo siren PS-330 is a miniature, waterproof, light siren that can be used both for cars and for motorcycles
29.00 €
Wireless piezo electric siren compatible with all Pandora alarm systems with Bluetooth, with bonnet opening sensor
69.00 €
Pandora PS-332BT is a new wireless siren with a battery back up. It wirelessly connects to a main unit via the Bluetooth protocol
85.00 €
Two-way remote control with OLED display for Pandora Light, Light Pro, Pandora D-010 moto
89.00 €
Two-way Bluetooth remote control with an OLED display for Pandora Professional, Smart Pro, Smart, Light Pro, Smart Moto, Mini
65.00 €
Two-way remote control D-078-079 with 106-segment LCD display for Pandora Light, Light Pro
65.00 €
Remote control for Pandora Light, Light Pro
19.00 €
Anti-hijack Bluetooth tag with a control button and built-in accelerometer for Pandora Professional, Smart, Smart Pro, Smart Moto, Mini, Light Pro, Camp, Immo
49.00 €
High-tech, compact, microwave 2-band digital volumetric sensor with pre-alarm and alarm activation
49.00 €
Clifford neon indicator that alerts the system (especially at night) and prevents prospective car thieves
29.00 €
Viper neon indicator that alerts the system (especially at night) and prevents prospective car thieves
29.00 €
Override interface module for extending and upgrading a simple Directed alarm system to a CAN BUS anti-theft alarm controlled by the factory remote control
69.00 €

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