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Alfa Romeo Brera

For the Alfa Romeo Brera chose the Alpine company and specifically the advanced Mobile Media Station 2DIN IVA-W505R, where the PMD-B200P portable navigation system we have a full-screen package and navigation. The system features high power amplifier 50W x 4, ultra-bright touchscreen WVGA 7 ", playback DVD R-RW / MP3 / AAC / WMA / DivX, connection for USB iPod (iPod classic 5G / 6G, iPod touch, iPod nano 1G- 3G), selected MP3 devices using MTP protocol and USB memory sticks, 24-bit DAC, Bluetooth capability with Audio Streaming, 3 pre-outs, one input-output AUX, input for rear camera observation, remote Control Steering Wheel and connectivity works display the car. with the IMPRINT mode and the optional PXA-H100 audio processor can automatically correct the acoustical problems in the car or use the manual adjustment controls to correct accurately and improve the sound of your own, creating original music playback very close to the original. it can be used the camera system observation rear multi-sided, with extremely wide angle camera, four display modes and switch control by front and the analog receiver TV TUE-T112P with automatic memory and antenna diversity system for receiving television programs.
   Regarding the sound of the Alfa Romeo Brera chose the highly qualitative Italian Hertz company, with unit (WF + TW) speaker for vehicle doors of the series "High Energy" and 12 inch Subwoofer ready for the necessary low frequencies.
   Also we equipped the Alfa Romeo Brera with Xenon lights, middle and high beam and downligh vehicle. Used Slim type transformers (Can Bus) for ultimate compatibility and space saving. All the above are covered with 2 years warranty and immediate replacement in case of trouble.

Double Din Fixed Pocket Fascia Panel Kit Adapter suitable for following Alfa Romeo Car Models: 159, Brera, Spider (no navi). Colour Black
59.00 €

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