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BMW 116 - Parking Sensor

Installation Parking Sensor Meta System Active Park with 4 recessed parking sensors, alarm and visual indication of BMW 116 2012
  The Parking Sensor is a rangefinder for your car with LED display, making it easy to park. Available with 4 or 8 (4 front and 4 rear) sensors mounted in the bumpers of the car. The system detects the distance between the bumper and obstacles through sensors that are mounted. The distance between the bumper and the barriers appears indicating four colors on the LED display and also with alarm. Powered by 12 V and connected to operate immediately activated behind the car.
  In the BMW 1 Series placed parking detector (Parking Sensor), with 4 recessed sensors in the body guard. The operation of the system is activated using the rear and illustrated in a led display with iridescence and with growing alarm (bi, bi, bi ...). The installation of such a system provides great safety to the driver and not "thrown money" because they have been reported several accidents from carelessness or limited visibility when parking and xeparkarisma pile, high sidewalks, bikes and pedestrians. The parking system is the Italian company META SYSTEM Active Park and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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