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BMW E36 - Car Audio

The installation "extreme" stereo in a car like the two-door Bmw 3.18 (E36), was not easy for technicians Mega Sound. A hard drive (for audio), with good insulation and closed the trunk with sheet metal, which complicates greatly the low frequencies to be heard in the passenger compartment.
   So we chose the 15-inch, "beasts", subwoofer of Soundstream company to undertake this difficult task. As you have not left any room for luggage in the trunk but ... so we have the rear seats. The "beasts" undertook to lead a single-channel amplifier class D of Spl Dynamics company while 8 midrange 20cm and the two horns of the company Beyma, a two-channel amplifier SPL. The company Beyma, selected the midrange speakers 20cm 8M100ND with neodymium magnet to reduce significantly the weight on the doors of the car, since these speakers are half the weight of corresponding with ordinary magnets. A capacitor of SPL, capacity 4 Farad, maintains the car battery to major audio power requirements at high volume.
   Polyester construction doors of the BMW hosted the 8intsa Beyma and amplifiers placed with special construction of MDF on the floor of the trunk. The construction time and placement of audio was five working days, with the end result justifies audio and visual customer confidence in our choices.

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