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BMW X5 2007 E70 - Interface Video

Mega Sound Car Audio specializes in factory upgrades screens-Multimedia-Navigation cars. It has a special adapter input image and sound '' Multimedia Video & Audio Interface '', allowing parallel connection to external audio & video, such as digital TV tuner Car DVB-T, GPS navigation and rearview camera auto activation in reverse.
  So the BMW X5 (E70), installed audio-video input adapter Car Audio System v.Logic V3-CCC and we connected to the factory display, digital tuner TV MPEG-4 while maintaining the image and go, navigator with maps IGO8 and reversing camera factory type. We used an adapter that allows you to connect additional video and audio sources to the existing factory screen vehicle. It also has 1 video input for rear view camera, 2 video outputs for monitors in the headrests and 1 output audio USB input, iPod. Linking all this is done with connectors Plug n 'Play, without altering the factory system functions. Finally note that the Mega Sound Car Audio you can find special adapters for Bluetooth Hands-Free kit, handle USB, iPod & Aux in for most factory car screens VW, Audi, Mercedes, Bmw, Porsche, Skoda.

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