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Chevrolet Corvette - Kenwood Multimedia

We placed the Kenwood KVT-522DVDY, wide touch screen 7 "with receiver 50Wx4 and playable DVD / AAC / WMA / MP3 / CD. It has a USB port that allows connection to mass storage devices USB, drivers USB devices and MP3 Players. Also in USB port can be connected to single or multi-slot card reader, allowing you to store music in different types of memory card formats. Additionally, by connecting the USB device to the port is automatically charging. Compatible with iPod video, nano and 5G iPod features handling high speed via direct USB 2.0 connection. With this connection may transmit data at high speed of 12m / bps. Using the new graphical user screen and the touch screen you can easily have your device to control iPod. Moreover, the search function will find the functions Album Art, Short Cut Bar and text display 4 lines for even easier operation.
   All functions and an integrated amplifier included in the compact body size 1DIN, which makes it easy to install even in small cars. Still can not connect the adapter Bluetooth KCA-BT200 which allows hands-free communication with mobile phone via the AV system of your car. You can talk through the microphone while listening through the speakers in your system. Moreover, displays information like name of the caller, signal status, battery indicator etc. The device can register until 5 BT-compatible mobile phones (simultaneous use of more than one phone is not possible) and you can "download" individual phonebooks of them .

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