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Mazda MX5-Xenon Lights

The Xenon lights or else the high discharge (HID) lamps, is the latest technology for better, more relaxed and stronger lighting. They operate on a special electronic circuit (transformer) that provides high voltage 23.000Volts the Xenon lamp. The light produced is three times stronger compared to conventional lighting systems (halogen lamps), has a longer life, it consumes less power and emits white light approaching daylight.
 Equip the Mazda MX5, with xenon low beam. I chose the kit xenon high quality, at 6000 Kelvin, for light perfectly white and compatible with the electronic system of the car. The system is covered by two years warranty (immediate replacement in case of a problem) and has the necessary certifications "CE-SAE-TUV-E13" to keep the vehicle factory warranty.

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