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Meta System B9.1 Remote Control

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The B9.1 remote control that communicates with a special encrypted process has the MetaTrak telematics system in Plus or Pro that you have in your vehicle with 5 different functions with which you can control the following:


Automatic driver identification
Automatic engine lock
Manually for e-call / b-call / ERA
Manually for privacy
Automatic Engine Unblocking

Place the B9.1 in your vehicle's key and it will only be possible to start your vehicle when it is within 5 meters. Think about switching it on every time from the app and do it automatically with B9.1. If you have selected MetaTrak in Plus or Pro with engine lock function. * Need B4.1 module


Meta System B9.1
Owner identification remote control
With the MetaTrak T42 telematics system
Encrypted communication of control commands
3 Years
Listed prices do not include installation or adjustment

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