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Meta System HPA EVO Remote Alarm

Code: HPA EVO Remote Alarm
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Random Rolling Remote Control
Built-in vibration detector with easy 5-position sensitivity adjustment
Telepanel - Teleportation
Driving Comfort single or double lock system
Doppler volumetric radar
Built-in Engine Stopper Immobilizer (optional)
Circular body protection & extra brake output
Automatic reinforcement system
Safety Lock - Car Jacking
Memory Led Control - Breach & Open Door Audio
Car - Remote Control Battery Status Indicator
Piezoelectric neodymium waterproof siren
Test mode with visual indications
Emergency Pin Code Override System Off
German Safety Specifications E1


Meta System HPA EVO Remote Alarm
Anti-theft Car Alarm System
Works with with separate random rolling code controls
Not included
Not included
Not included
Protection from Violent Robbery
Engine Block included
Doppler volumetric radar, Shock sensor
Not supported
Driving single or double lock comfort system
Lifetime (Central unit) 1 year (Regional units)
Listed prices do not include installation

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