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Meta System Legos

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Divided Moto Alarm System with RANDOM ROLLING Remote Control
ANTISHOCK WATER RESISTANT remote controls with long lasting lithium batteries
Telephone system with slope detector exclusion capability
Piezoelectric siren waterproof type
Built-in revolutionary 360o tilt detection system in violation
SLEEP MODE zero power consumption and energy saving system
Special PIN TO PIN cabling for most types of motorcycles
German Safety Specifications e1


Meta System Legos
Waterproof Anti-theft Moto Alarm System
Works with random rolling code controls
Not supported
Not supported
Not supported
Not supported
Remote Engine Block included
Digital 360º Tilt / Lift Sensor
Not supported
Waterproof remote controls, Sleep mode zero consumption
Lifetime (Central unit) 1 year (Regional units)
Listed prices do not include installation

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