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Pandora PS-331BT

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Pandora's new wireless piezo-electric siren is a smart multi-function siren that "snaps" into every Pandora alarm system that has Bluetooth, enhancing the safety and control of your vehicle while being simple and quick to install.

It has outputs with engine temperature sensor, bonnet aperture sensor and extra CH channel for use wherever you want.

It works as a wireless Bluetooth extension of the central alarm system that you have installed in the car cab. You do not have to pass cables from the cab to communicate with the central unit of the alarm with the engine compartment.

Simply insert the Pandora PS-331BT siren into the engine compartment and it will connect to the central unit of the alarm via Bluetooth protocol. Now your system will have an invisible extension to the camera areas, the bonnet and wherever you choose and you will have access to all this information through Pandora's Smartphone app.


Pandora PS-331BT
Wireless piezo electric siren
For Pandora Alarms systems with bluetooth
Temperature sensor, bonnet opening sensor
1 Year
Listed prices do not include installation

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Detailed features

Unique Benefits & Features:

Compatible with all Pandora alarm systems with Bluetooth: The Pandora siren is an extension of Pandora alarm systems and connects to them via Bluetooth.

High Frequency Sound> 120dB: High throughput 120dB sound produced by the microscopic unit without additional devices or special speakers. (120 dB is the same sound as a live rock concert)

Waterproof & Durable: It is waterproof, durable, compact and easily mounted on the machine or in any other place exposed to adverse conditions.

Wireless Connection: It is the wireless extension of the alarm system to the premises of the camera via Bluetooth connection (no wires). Connecting the central cab alarm unit to the engine compartment via wiring is complex, expensive and time consuming. Pandora removes the cables and provides a solution to easily and quickly "extend" its alarms to the engine. The Pandora siren communicates with the Bluetooth alarm unit. The PS-331BT siren has its own cables for connecting and powering from the car battery, and its 3 cables for connecting to the engine (temperature sensor), the bonnet (bonnet opening sensor) and wherever you choose (extra CH channel).

Engine Temperature Sensor: Without cables, easily and quickly, the central alarm unit connects to the Pandora siren and receives engine temperature information through it. This means that you have access to the engine temperature from the Pandora application on your Smartphone.

Bonnet Opening Sensor: The push-button sensor is mounted on the bonnet and is connected to the PS-331BT siren. The siren in turn communicates via Bluetooth with the central alarm system, and you control and receive alerts on the mobile whenever the bonnet is opened. The sensor is a negative input for alarm activation which by default is a hood opening sensor. The installer can use it in any way that suits the needs of the car.

Extra CH channel: A configurable negative output for any use that suits your car's protection needs. The installer can use it for blocking the engine, locking the hood, turning on the horn or turning on the lights.

High Specifications Certifications: Guaranteed by Pandora, the leading manufacturer of telemetry and car alarm systems. Pandora systems are the only Russian systems with high standards of certification. Completely manufactured at the Pandora plant in Russia with IATF ISO 16949-2016 Electronic Brain Certification and meet the E-MARK (Electronic Brain Compliance Certificate) specifications.

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