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Pandora PS-332BT

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Pandora PS-332BT is a new wireless siren with a battary back up. It wirelessly connects to a main unit via the Bluetooth protocol. This allows not to pull wires from a main unit to an engine compartment. The new siren has a sealed waterproof case and a back-up battery. Its small size and waterproof case allows you to place the siren almost anywhere in a car.

Due to the built-in battery, the siren has a special mode that will add even more security to a car. If an attacker disconnect the power supply of the siren while the system is armed, the siren will start screaming to notify an owner about the attempted theft. The siren also has reliable charging algorithms that fulfill the EU regulations. The siren starts charging the battery only when the engine is running.

The “Control of Bluetooth connection with a main unit” function is also present in the new siren. This function protects against disconnecting power supply of a main unit. Therefore, if someone disconnects the main unit, the siren will also notify an owner by the loud sound.


Pandora PS-332BT
Wireless piezo electric battery back up siren
For Pandora Alarms systems with bluetooth
Waterproof case, Back-up battery
1 Year
Listed prices do not include installation

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Detailed features

Unique Benefits & Features:

Compatible with all Pandora alarm systems that have Bluetooth: The Pandora siren is an extension for Pandora alarm systems and connects to them via Bluetooth (without cables).

High Frequency Sound> 120dB: High throughput 120dB sound produced by the microscopic unit without additional devices or special speakers. (120 dB is the same sound as a live rock concert)

Waterproof & Durable: It is waterproof, durable, compact and easily mounted on the engine compartment, underneath the car, on a motorcycle or in any other place exposed to adverse conditions.

Wireless Connection: It is the 'smart' autonomous deafening siren of the alarm system via a Bluetooth connection (no wires). The Pandora siren communicates with the Bluetooth alarm unit. The PS-332BT siren has its own cables for connecting and powering the car battery.

Low Consumption less than 1mA: 'It has low power consumption and is manufactured on the basis of autonomous siren production standards.

Lithium Backup Battery: It has a backup lithium battery, which automatically activates when the battery is stopped (eg power cord cut)

Smart Charging: The lithium battery will only charge when the car's engine is running.

High Specifications Certifications: Guaranteed by Pandora, the leading manufacturer of telemetry and car alarm systems. Pandora systems are the only Russian systems with high standards of certification. Completely manufactured at the Pandora plant in Russia with IATF ISO 16949-2016 Electronic Brain Certification and meet the E-MARK (Electronic Brain Compliance Certificate) specifications.

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