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Pandora SMART PRO v3

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The Pandora Smart Pro v3 system contains a wide range of security, service and anti-hi jacking functions. Day to day you can use your OEM car remote with Pandora proximity Bluetooth tag. For constant connection anywhere in the world Pandora specially designed smartphone app and web browser keeps you constantly connected to your vehicle.

The system has 2xCAN interface, IMMO-KEY port to bypass original immobiliser for remote engine start with out the need to leave a key in the car. The integrated GPS receiver will allow you to locate your vehicle at any time anywhere you have coverage. 2G/3G connection expands network coverage and controls the system, also receiving important alarm and service notifications, real time.

GSM Interface


An integrated GSM interface communication and control range from radio relay distance, to anywhere in the world through mobile phone network coverage. Receive instant voice and text notifications for any new alarm events occurring with your vehicle. You can comfortably control your vehicle from anywhere in the world. GPRS / 3G -interface allows you to control your car by mobile applications and on-line service. LBS allows the systems to detect coordinates by GSM base stations.


Pandora SMART PRO v3
Anti-theft Can-Bus Car Alarm System
Works with factory-operated controller (Can-Bus)
Geographic location with map view
APP management for Apple & Android smartphones
Protection from Violent Robbery
Remote Engine Block included
Double-band Shock Sensor & Digital Tilt / Lift Sensor
Remote engine start (additional RMD-5M required)
2 tags included in the package, Double ANTI-Jammer
3 years (Central unit) 1 year (Regional units)
Listed prices do not include installation

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