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Product Exhibition

Go through the shop Mega Sound Car Accessories Store to see live on our report, all products operate: "RadioCd, mp3, USB, multimedia, navigation, Gps, dvd, speakers, amplifiers, theft of all kinds, satellite alarms , parking sensors, xenon lights, capacitors and all the accessories. "You will be informed for what fits your car, the cost and the installation time.

Installing your own products

If you purchased from another store any product: amplifier, speakers, radiocd, screen or want to transfer from the old to your new car audio system or alarm, visit us to give you the best price.


Satellite tracking systems

Satellite tracking of Mega Sound systems in cooperation with the biggest companies GT Auto Alarm, Meta System, Gemini, Patrol, Viper, Clifford, Scorpio Moto Alarm, insure and track your vehicle without fixed charges via text message sms to your mobile phone. They give us the exact address is the car at any time and immediate notification in any alarm condition. You can also see real-time, via computer, a digital map, moving at that moment your car. Come to a show in cars of our company.

Accessories / Adapter

If you want to place a screen or a radiocd-mp3-USB commerce without lose any factory operation of your car, we have the solution. Special adapters & interface, ensure the proper operation of the system with special connectors ISO by reaching simultaneously and the operation of the factory steering wheel controls.



All our products are of official companies and accompanied by a written warranty and proper placement guarantee to apply the factory warranty of the car.


It is possible to pay with credit card VISA-MASTERCARD-DINERS with free installments.


Special prices on installation and wholesale all products on bulk purchases from car club, companies, agencies and dealers. For more information contact us at 2310.910447

Video Gallery

Visit our YouTube Channel to see all the videos

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