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Shipping methods

Shipping Methods

Place and time of delivery

Accepted orders for deliveries only within the territorial domain of the Greek State. Orders are executed within a workable eight hours (9: 00pm - 17: 00pm) except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.The orders include products on orders from suppliers (labeled "expected soon" or "On Demand") are sent immediately after the collection of all products to the central warehouses of the store. It is not excluded that consignment individual products of an order, if agreed with the client.

How to order delivery charges for deliveries

Send the customer in areas covered by the Distribution Network store Mega Sound
The deliverables on sale products are shipped to the address and the recipient that the customer has specified upon submission of the order, which has been accepted by the store Mega Sound. The store freely chooses the average shipping if the place of delivery served by the distribution network and notify the customer by e-mail of acceptance of the order and the extra shipping cost (if any) if the consignment relates remote or inaccessible destination or missions large volume or weight. In each case the customer will be informed by phone or email from the store Mega Sound.

When the total volume of the order is less than 25 liters, then:

If the client wants the delivery to be made within two (2) working days of acceptance of the order by the store Mega Sound, namely the training of sales, the cost of shipment amounts to 7,00 € and 8,00 € for island regions. If payment is made on delivery of the additional cost amounts to 3,00 €.

When the total volume of the order is over 25 liters, then:

Transport and any surcharge mission done after consulting both with the client. Distribution Network Store Mega Sound
For matters relating to the Distribution Network and delivery issues the client can communicate with to store tel. +302310910447 (opening hours Monday - Friday 09:00-19:30 and Saturday 9:00 -14:00)
General conditions for shipping products and servicesWww.megasound.gr reserves the right to change their ways, the terms and shipping rates at will and without warning compelled to inform potential customers of such changes by reviewing these terms and conditions of the online store.

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